La Colline Cellular Vital Cream

Revitalizing Face Cream You’ll Want to Use Everyday

La Colline Cellular Vital Cream (2)If there is one beauty product you will not fail to find in every bathroom closet, it is definitely a face cream. It’s a basic staple in every woman’s skincare regimen that helps achieve youthful skin. Face creams have been around for a long time. For so many years, a face cream is packed with wonderful ingredients that not only moisturize the skin but also protect it.  Face creams, just like a moisturizer, is an anti aging product that will help you get rid of wrinkles, fine lines, dry skin, and other signs of aging. Face creams are formulated with ingredients that help protect the skin from a lot of environmental aggressions, skin problems, and dehydration. One of the hottest face creams in the market today is the La Colline Cellular Vital Cream. It boosts the vital activities of the cells, firms the facial contours, improves elasticity, and restores the skin’s youthful tone.

Along with the moisturizing and nourishing benefits of applying face cream, it also creates a base for makeup application. With a face cream, your makeup will look better and keep it from cracking. The skin will also look smooth and supple. La Colline Cellular Vital Cream is a vital product that will make your skin look fuller and firmer. It’s the answer for dry skin.

But what sets this face cream apart from others out there is its matte finish! Amazing, don’t you think? Most of us are put off with a face cream that is heavy and has an oily finish. This is especially true for people who have oily skin. While we definitely want to give ourselves some moisturizing and hydrating results to our skin, it gets annoying when it is too heavy on the face. Since this face cream has a matte finish after application, you no longer have to worry about having that extra shine on your face! La Colline Cellular Vital Cream would make a good addition to your daily skincare regimen. If you have oily skin, you don’t need to worry about that pesky extra shine!

Below are just some of the reasons why it will make your skincare routine a lot better.La Colline Cellular Vital Cream

  • It strengthens your skin’s defenses against environmental hazards like weather, pollution, and chemicals.
  • It is suitable for all skin types! So whether you have normal, dry, oily, combination, or sensitive skin, your skin is in safe hands!
  • La Colline is a premium Swiss skincare brand that is known for its bestselling skincare products.
  • It naturally reduces brown spots, post-pimple scars, discoloration, and redness.
  • It reshapes your face’s outline.
  • It has brightening benefits.
  • It softens the appearance of even a single wrinkle.
  • It shows results with just a few applications.
  • It is the answer to your skin care woes.


Like any other face creams, there’s one important thing to always check: the formula! 

What its made of is what truly matters as it is what makes up the product. This is also what allows you to determine if the product is safe for your skin. La Colline Cellular Vital Cream is made up of natural and active ingredients that will help you fight skin aging. It contains the exclusive CMAge Complex,  Hyaluronic acid, Retinol, HDS System, Vitamin E, Rose, Ceramides, and Mallow Extract, Camelina, and Jojoba Oils. All these ingredients combined strengthens the skin and help fight environmental aggressions. It bolsters the skin’s barriers so your skin’s moisture stays in your skin while outside aggressions do not enter your skin.

It is very important to always check what a face cream is made out of especially if you are aiming for specific skin goals. Find a face cream that has moisturizing and hydrating benefits and contains revolutionary ingredients that effectively fights off the visible effects of skin aging.

There are also a number of face creams that are only designed for either oily skin, sensitive skin, dry skin, acne prone skin, and more. Thus, finding something that is suitable for you – or even better – suitable for all skin types, is very important.

La Colline Cellular Vital Cream

Below is a step by step guide on how to correctly apply the La Colline Cellular Vital Cream:

Step 1: Wash your face with a hydrating cleanser. Use a cleanser that is appropriate to your skin type.  You may opt for an oil free cleanser if it suits better for your skin. This is an important step because not only will you get rid of dirt, grime, and makeup, you allow your skin to breathe so your subsequent products will penetrate deeper into your pores. This is how your skincare products will do its magic. If you have acne prone skin, make sure to find a hydrating cleanser that will not irritate your skin and cause even more problems. You can also ask your dermatologist to find a gentle cleanser that won’t strip off your skin’s natural oils. La Colline Cellular Vital Cream 4

Step 2: Tone and apply your serum. These products will serve as pretreating products that will make your face cream even more effective. Moisturizers will also make a great addition to your regimen. It’s the key to better hydration.

Step 3: Apply your face cream while your skin is still damp. Don’t wait until your face has completely dried. Otherwise, it will not work. Face creams will be able to lock in moisture better when your skin is still damp. It will keep your skin hydrated all throughout the day.

Step 4: Use only small quantities. You don’t need too much product. Even a pea-sized amount of the La Colline Cellular Vital Cream will already work wonders in your skin! Apply small spots all over your face and gently pat in for better absorption. Use this in the morning and evenings for a 24-hour revitalizing skin care action.

And that’s it! La Colline Cellular Vital Cream is a must-have face cream to hydrate your skin and boost your daily skincare routine. It’s one of the best-selling face creams today that is known for its effective action against skin aging and improve your complexion. With its matte finish and the best reviews coming from people all over the world, you will surely want this in your beauty cabinet. La Colline Cellular Vital Cream is a face cream you will want to use every day too.